I write because…

“The scariest moment is just before you start…” Stephen King.

I write because there are something’s that are easier written than said out loud. I write because I get to share my thoughts, feelings and anxieties without fear that someone will judge me for doing so. Inhibition is just but another word that ceases to exist in my dictionary; at least at that very moment I am able to express myself ‘eloquently.’
I write because why wouldn’t I.
I write because writing is nothing short of liberating, at that very moment when I put pen to paper or more commonly fingers to keyboard then I have the power to write about the world as I see it, about my trials, tribulations, temptations, and experiences had, lessons learned, laughter shared…
I write because there is stuff that hasn’t been written about yet and if I don’t who will. I write because I am willing to challenge myself to just do it and not put a lot of thought into in. I write because it is part of a class I am taking. I write because sometime the voices in my head would shut up.
I write because I am sucker for good grammar.
I write because I need to stop procrastinating all the while disguising it as writers block. I write because I get to be my own boss and don’t need to adhere to a specific theme or style as I do.
I write because I can.


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